Friday, August 8, 2014

8/8/14 (Fri) - Struggling

i am laying here in the midle of the night, cant sleep, have drank 10 days in a row, am depressed, anxious and so confused.  am i unhappy so i drink?  or is my drinking making me unhappy?


  1. I suspect it's a little of both...but that's just me. You have to figure that one out. But we're all out here to help you and we've all been where you are right this very minute. You are not and never will be alone.


  2. I can only say that the past couple of years for me were like this. I was so unhappy. Full of self loathing. Angry at myself because I could not control the booze.

    I've been 8 months without and I am happy. Life is pleasant. I feel freedom and relief.
    The alcohol is not offering you anything. Try going without. There is a whole life waiting for you!

  3. Sorry to hear you're struggling. For me, I couldn't separate whether I drank because I was sad or was sad because I drank. It's all such a tangle, but drinking does make it worse. I'm sure of that.

    I like what both Anne and Sherry say. You're not alone. Lean on the support that's here. It's really tough stuff, but we've all been there and you can get out of this dark place.

    I hope your day goes well. xo

  4. I've been where you are and I feel for you. In my case, it began as a true organic depression that I foolishly self-medicated with alcohol. I'm no expert, but I know that regardless of the origin of the depression, alcohol is in no way making it better. With NO alcohol and antidepressants things are improving for me. At this point I don't see myself returning to alcohol because I'd much rather feel this way than the way I was feeling. I so hope you start feeling better. xo