Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12 (Mon) - Family vacation coming up

Once a year, my sisters and our parents go on a long weekend.  I started the tradition 15 years ago when my dd was 2.  She was the only child at the time, but I wanted it to eventually be for all the cousins to get together and have a good time.  So you have our parents (my dad who is getting really grumpy and impatient with all the kids and my mom who gets really impatient with him), my sister (divorced, new boyfriend going and his two kids - 14 yo and 17 yo, her 5 yo and 6 yo), my other sister (divorced, somewhat new boyfriend, her two kids - 6 yo and 8 yo), me and my husband and our two kids - 14 yo and 17 yo.

These vacations have always ended with someone fighting sometimes not even speaking for months afterwards.  The problem is that we see each other all the time so its not like some big reunion.  If just two of us go somewhere it is fine, but when it is all of us ..... it just always seems to go bad.  Right now my two sisters aren't talking to each other so that will be interesting.

Anyway, I think a lot of the problems are fueled by alcohol.  I know that when I have been part of the problem it was always when I was drinking.  I get incredibly sensitive when drinking especially when it comes to my sisters and my daughter.  Like ridiculously, start crying sensitive.  The arguments have not involved me for the past few years, bc I have really tried to tone it down and keep myself under control.    

I am a little nervous for this trip.  I justt want everything to go smoothly without any drama.  i can only do what I can do - be the best person I can be and keep my alcohol consumption under control so I don't blow things out of proportion.

After I get back, I am going to do an extended abs period again.  I think i need it.

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