Monday, July 16, 2012

depression vs. anxiety

After a little more research I think I may have more of a "general anxiety disorder (GAD)" rather than depression which I was reading can be caused by or made worse by issues with alcohol.  I was reading that the anxiety attacks of alcohol withdrawal (AKA a hangover) are very similar to those associated with GAD. I also read that they aren't sure if the anxiety you cause yourself with the constant withdrawal can actually cause you to develop GAD. They also aren't sure if an underlying GAD could cause alcohol abuse through self medicating - helping to ease the worry, anxiety and restlessness. I just thought it was pretty interesting (although not surprising) that the two are so closely related and that alcohol abuse can actually have long term psychological implications.  That it can actually screw you up psychologically in a physical and chemical sense long term not just in the short term (hangover) and not just mentally and emotionally. Does that make any sense?

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