Saturday, May 19, 2018

5/19/18 - Not blogging for awhile

I am going to take a break from blogging for awhile...not because I am drinking...just bc I have become a bit obsessive about it.  I feel like it is keeping me either stuck in this place of analyzing the past, comparing it to the present or worrying about the future.  Last June I spent 3-4 hours a day reading The 30 Day Solution and blogging about it. While I think that was valuable time spent, there is part of me that felt like I was just wasting my summer sitting in my study on my computer while my house remained dirty, the weeds overtook my yard and I did not get any closer to being in the physical shape I want. the fact that I am 20 pounds overweight, eat kinda crappy and spend far too much time in front of my computer or TV is making me insecure, overly sensitive and kinda grumpy all the time. While I am on the path of not drinking, my focus needs to be on  something else this summer. I need to be physically active. Blogging, analyzing, reading, researching, sitting is not going to get me there. I need to repaint my house, clean out every closet, keep up with my yard work and start taking care of myself physically.  I fully realize that none of this will happen if I spend my summer drinking. I will blog every week or so just to keep track of were I am mentally, but I just can't spend another summer stuck in my head while everything around me gets ignored.


  1. Have a good summer! I know I need to keep active myself, as it is too easy for me to just sit and play computer games.
    I also hope you have some long sober times.

  2. I SO get this but, WOW you've blogged for 7 years? I for one am trapped in your story and wanting you to do the next right thing bc I see me in you and if you do good I can do good. I'm ok with a break too, so can I check in with you when you blog weekly and give a sober days update and a pounds lost update. You are kind of my touch stone. Please don't disappear.

  3. I’m sorry this is so hard.
    Do what works best for you. Go back and read your posts from your last period of sobriety.
    You were happier and more productive.

    Maybe you can find some inspiration in your own words.

    My heart aches for your suffering. I hope you find your peace.

  4. Hope you're doing okay.

  5. I so hope you've spent the past month spending time with your sister and neighbors in a way that brings you happiness - not shame and regret. I think you have!

  6. hoping you are in a better place!!