Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mindfulness vs past baggage

"Mindfulness is the opposite of trauma psychology, through which you see and define yourself in terms of your problems, hurt, or baggage. It instead means defining yourself in terms of your strengths and positive possibilities."

This quote is from 'Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery - Dr. Stanton Peele' -The SMART Recovery®



I really like what that says.  Sometimes is just seems like too much to handle to go back and deal with all the "hurt" that might be causing my drinking.  I just don't want to deal with all of that. I like the idea of just dealing with the here and now.  All I ever read is that if I don't deal with the past, I wan't stop drinking.  Maybe that isn't true. Maybe just dealing with the here and now is the answer because even thinking about dealing with the past makes want to drink (btw - my "past" does not include making amends for my drinking - it has to do with things I had to endure).

I also like this quote:



  1. It's a really good point. I can strongly suggest you to check mind-globe.com/category/self-help/alcohol-addictions, it is full of article about giving up alcohol and methods that could really help people if they're willing to do it :)

  2. K, there is a reason you and I didn't choose AA, we didn't want our recovery to be ruled. You're in charge of this, if you don't want to deal with your past, then don't. Maybe when you quit drinking, you'll feel stronger and more able and actually want to deal with it, but right now, don't worry about that shit. Don't use it as an excuse, "I can't get sober because....blah, blah, blah. You're in charge. Take charge.