Sunday, May 27, 2012

App power

I was reading one of the online support groups I am part of and someone mentioned an app called IntelliDrink.  I downloaded it and love it.  You input your drinks, which you can customize the size of beer, for example, and the alcohol content. It graphs your BAC for that drink, and any others you have, over time.  I only had one beer last night and I used the app.  I was shocked by the graph.  I didn't realize that it takes almost one hour for your BAC to get to its highest after starting the drink and 3 hours for that one drink to be completely metabolized and you BAC to return to normal.  No wonder it is so easy to get into trouble, not thinking you are "that bad" just to have another.  In the meantime, your BAC hasn't even stopped climbing from the the alcohol two drinks ago.  

My one beer last night raised my BAC to a .023% almost an hour after I had it and wasn't back to 0% for 3 more hours.  No wonder I felt like crap yesterday.  I was playing around with it and inputted those 4 drinks I had on Friday over the course of 3.5 hours and WOW!  my BAC was ridiculous by the end of the night - and I never really felt that "drunk".  That's a little scary!  Very helpful tool!  Knowledge is power!

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