Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not good

So last night after I posted how tired I was, I went to the kitchen and saw a bottle of wine in the fridge that only had one glass in it.  In my exhausted stupor, I decided that I should just finish that so it was out of the fridge and wasn't bugging me all week.  I continued on and had 3 more beers - secretly, quickly, without thinking.  I called a friend and talked to her for an hour probably to distract myself from what I was doing.  Whoa - I am a little scared this morning that that even happened.  As for your comment on my last post, Kary May, last night it was definitely about wanting more, which frankly is extremely concerning to me.


  1. Hold on .. stay strong .. be kind and gentle on yourself and keep being honest. If you keep being honest you'll be ok. That's the biggest step for all of us, we refuse to live in denial. Take care xxx

  2. Totally the type of thing I used to do.

    hugs to you K.

    be careful.


  3. Hi. I'm new to this and trying to find others who struggle with alcohol. My blog is http://tryingtoadmit.blogspot.com

  4. Hey there, how are you doing? I'm hoping this beautiful weather and the end of school in sight is lifting your spirits. I'm back in the land of beautiful mountains and loving it.