Saturday, September 3, 2011


I feel much better this morning.  Have my coffee and am ready to roll up my sleeves and get some work done (which has not really been the order of business on a Saturday for along time).  I am usually recovering form a HO.  I am finding that I set the tone for this whole family.  If I am working on projects, so are they.  I fI am out having fun, so are they.  If I am laying around recovering from a HO all day, so are they (not the HO part).
I did have one beer last night - I don't know why.  Habit I guess.  I am starting to wonder if my one once in a while are setting me up for another patch of difficulties controlling it.  We shall see.  I do want to remain predominately sober.  I want to have a beer or glass of wine on occasion, but never get trashed.  I do not ever want to be trashed again.  I do not ever want another hangover.  I really do reel that the pain of that is starting to outweigh whatever fun it may give me in the moment.

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