Sunday, February 25, 2018

Month 2 - Lotus Blossom 2/25/18

Well this month marks month two.  I said in the previous post that I was going to treat myself to a charm bracelet every month for the first year as a reward and a reminder of why I have chosen to remain on this path of sobriety. I am not going to say it is a reward for choosing this path. I have chosen sobriety at least 10 times in the last few years, some last for months (the longest being 10 months).

I am rewarding myself for choosing to remain on my path of sobriety. I now know, without a doubt, this is the right path for me....I just need to stay on it.

Last month I chose the triskelian charm to represent interconnected  - drinking negatively effects every aspect of my life

This month I chose the lotus flower. I wanted it to be a positive charm since last month was meant to remind me of the negative that alcohol brings.  The lotus charm represents rebirth.  A beautiful flower that grows out of the muck.  How all of the pain alcohol has caused me in the past has allowed me to become who I want to be...who I know I can be.

Image result for alex and ani lotus blossom bracelet


  1. This is a lovely idea, pretty to wear and a gorgeous reminder of your progress. Am very pleased for you x

  2. Congratulations on Month two! Such a cool way to honor your journey!