Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/27/16 (Sun) Contemplating Sobriety....Again

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For those of you that still check up on me...thank you...I really mean that.  Even though I don't know you personally it is comforting that someone out there knows all about me - the good, bad and ugly - and still cares about what happens to me.

I am back and somewhat struggling - surprise...surprise!

I haven't posted since September and haven't done too bad.  I have probably had 3 or 4 really bad hangovers in that time (including one I am just now recovering form 3 days ago on Thanksgiving), but I have been drinking at least a little every weekend.

Today I am tired, depressed, grumpy, blah, anxious and irritable.  I really don;t want to feel this way anymore, so I am back and ready to start thinking about living a different way...again.


  1. Still wishing you well here. Not feeling that way really is worth it! xo

  2. Best of luck to you always - this is such an up and down journey. I had a terrible October and finally said "really? really? you keep doing this even though you hate it?" Anyway, today is a new day. Enjoying my coffee, day at a time. You CAN do this. Audrey